United We Stand

Stronger Together

Forcing a medical procedure onto a person is morally and ethically wrong. In spite of what State and Territory Public Health Directives and the media say, we are protected by Common Law, our Constitution, the Federal Biosecurity Act and several International Treaties relating to Human Rights.

Informed Consent and conscientious objection is our right as humans.

If you are threatened by, or impacted by the loss or change of employment, because you have chosen not to be vaccinated, please follow the three steps below.

Stand united today, or lose our freedoms forever.

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If you are being forced to be vaccinated in order to work, or being forced to mandate vaccines on your employees, learn what options are available to you by clicking on the relevant button below.



If you require advocacy services to handle the matter on your behalf, please lodge an employment complaint with Human Rights Advocates Australia. They will take care of all correspondence and provide your employer with all the relevant letters, research, studies and supporting documents with your employer. If the employer refuses to acknowledge your right to informed consent, Human Rights Advocates Australia will assist you in on-referring the complaint through the appropriate avenues. Please note that any adverse employment action taken by the employer, if prompted by the government mandate, offers limited options against the employers themselves. For this reason, step 3 is critical.



Advocate Me have been working with their lawyers to craft a class action legal challenge nationally, which will incorporate challenging mandatory vaccination.

For such an action to be successful, it needs to challenge some of the science that has been relied upon to make public health orders, such as mandatory vaccination.


This process will take time, but is well under way and if you are interested in joining, please click below to learn more.

In this together

The industry sector you belong to can do amazing things if you all come together in large, organised groups.


For example, we already have a group of teachers we are assisting, but they have organised themselves into their own group, where together they are taking a series of strategic steps in order to be heard.


So if you are impacted by mandates in the education sector, we recommend you get onboard with this group.

You can locate existing groups by clicking here. If a group exists, you will be able to link through to them by clicking the relevant link.

If you would like to start a group for your sector, please contact us on info@peopleforsafevaccines.org.


​We stand a greater chance at success if we are organised and united.