The Thrive Tribe

Thank you so much for responding to our call for action and for those who could make it to our first online meeting. We were completely overwhelmed by your contributions and commitment to move forward in bringing real-life solutions to the table.

We are seeing a pandemic in mental health problems and our aim at Advocate Me and Australians Say No, is to create pathways for healing, education, assertiveness and resilience for its members and the wider community.

It is clear from your input that we are contending with a wide range issues from grief, fear, outrage, trauma, loss, shock, anxiety and depression. Shockingly we are seeing those who are vaccine injured, being gaslighted, bullied and not getting proper medical attention.

As a result there are rising drug and alcohol problems, isolation, burnout, dissociation, relationship problems including domestic violence, lost social networks, self-harm, vaccine regret, feeling violated and betrayed, PTSD, suicide risk and identity crisis. And many are new to trauma and don’t as yet have many coping tools.

What we garnered from our first meeting was the interest in creating something that is integrative, community-based, wholistic and educational to offer cohesion, connection, resilience and assertiveness. What we hope to achieve next is how to translate this into solutions.


Three prominent ideas are:-


  • An online forum people can come together as a community with similar values in a safe space. This must be moderated by a group of professionals

  • Online workshops

    • Group meetings

    • Group workshops focusing on specific topics that will constantly evolve

    • One-on-one consulting and coaching

  • Making use of an existing app which will soon have community features

By creating a web-based platform we can host live group meetings and workshops, as well as provide a members online forum, and we can do this quickly. We would build the site and include a forum, so we would need professionals who are motivated to be contributors and moderators for this forum. So we ask those who have good IT skills and would enjoy this sort of engagement to come forward and let us know. We will discuss whether to make access to the forum based on a small monthly membership fee. This would mean we could pay those moderating it. We would love you feedback on this.

The site would have a channel which would allow us to host ticketed group events, ensuring the site can generate some funds to be distributed among the facilitators. A free video channel can be available where educational material can be accessed giving people simple tools and activities they can apply themselves.

It would be great to develop some targeted workshops to deal with:-

  • The importance of values, beliefs and belief systems and values alignment

  • Assertiveness skills, setting boundaries and enforcing them

  • Teaching kids how to handle themselves

  • Educational material to show how people are being manipulated

  • Routines for self-care

  • Energetical work, meditation and nutritional education for wellbeing

We are operating from the heart space offering practical, simple solutions that are easy to apply. But more importantly we are providing an opportunity to create cohesion and help build a resilient formidable self-supporting community.

What we would like to do is next is build on this, starting with pooling together materials that already exist within the group that can be used to get started and then work out what resources we need.

To do this efficiently we ask you to complete the form below. We will also create a Telegram group of professionals involved in this project, but we will need volunteers to be administrators and moderators.


Once we have our group, everyone will be invited to join and contribute your ideas and materials to flesh out a blueprint so that we can get started.


Please complete the below form so that we can capture the data we need to commence.


Once again, we thank you for your interest and your passion and we look forward to collaborating and creating together.

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