Saliva Covid Self Test Approved

For Employers & Employees


Advocate Me and Australians Say No are always looking for solutions. While we have been openly critical of PCR testing and nasal swabs, we are less critical of the saliva antigen tests that have now been brought to the market.

This test is designed to detect SARS-CoV-2 viral antigen in saliva samples. An antigen is a substance that can cause your immune system to produce antibodies against it. For this reason, the saliva test will more accurately detect the presence of the virus, if you are infected, or about to become infected. 

We are a little unclear about whether or not antigens differ between variants and the extent to which a positive result is a real indicator of infection. However, we do believe that the test we recommend here from V-Chek is as accurate as it can be, for a test that is less invasive as possible. 

As an alternative to vaccination, we believe that employers would be mitigating any adverse action from government, if they provide their employees this option as a control measure to mitigate risk in the workplace.

We suggest conducting these every 3rd day, given a negative test on any day, should reassure the employer of a negative test within 72 hrs at least.

For employees desperate to retain their positions, this is a viable option and one that employers could easily facilitate and potentially pass on, or share the cost with the employee.

The tests are sold in boxes of 20, at approximate cost of $15 per test. If employers were interested in providing those options to substitute vaccination, then this is the test we recommend.

Advocate Me and Australians Say No, is not acquiescing to the narrative that testing should be required in the workplaces. We continue to believe that management of sickness is the responsibility of the employee. Remaining at home when sick is the gold standard in mitigation strategy against infection. 

If you are in Western Australia these rapid antigen tests are allegedly prohibited under directions. However, the government is rolling out the DETECT program, which uses a saliva test approved by the WA government for employers. When requesting please ask for the DETECT saliva test, not Rapid Antigen.

This test has been approved by the TGA. ARGT #374065


For full details please click below to visit the site and be sure to use discount code ASN with any order.