Our Community

Standing With those who Stand Up!

Australians Say No is a fast-growing community of people who have been segregated due to government interference with our bodily autonomy.


You may be living with the threat of job loss, or have lost your jobs due to mandatory vaccination directives and policies. You may feel physically and mentally isolated, bullied and gaslighted. But you are not alone. In fact there are hundreds of thousands of people just like you across Australia, and we are coming together to support each other.


This is our chance to stand with those who stand up and say NO! We can do amazing things if we all come together in large, organised groups and this is the space to do it. 

From industry groups working together in a united front to educate their employers and resist this assault on our freedom, to directories for businesses who respect your choices and privacy, is where we can unite and stand together.

We encourage you to participate in these forums because we stand a greater chance at success if we are organised and united. Strength and safety in numbers.