The New Medics

Thank you so much for responding to our call for action and for those who could make it to our first online meeting. We were completely overwhelmed by your contributions and commitment to move forward in bringing real-life solutions to the table.

We are witnessing the collapse of the medical system and our aim at Advocate Me and Australians Say No, is to create alternative systems for healthcare for its members and the wider community. One that is bound by the Hippocratic Oath and where the sacred patient/doctor relationship is central, with no government interference and regulation.

It is clear we are contending with a wide range issues from general practice, disease management and treatment, allied health services, right through to emergency and surgical services.

As a result of the encroaching segregation of the unvaccinated, worker shortages and illogical 'control measures' which have locked people out of the system, there are growing delays in health services and treatments, resulting in an increase in illness.

What we garnered from our first meeting was the interest in creating solutions that operate outside of government regulation that are integrative, community-based, wholistic and agile. What we hope to achieve next is how to translate this into real solutions.

Three prominent ideas are:-

  • Mobile health services

  • Online health services​

  • Acquisition of abandoned hospitals, making them fit for purpose

We are operating from the heart space offering practical solutions that can provide an alternative to the current crumbling system. But more importantly we are providing an opportunity to create cohesion and help build a resilient formidable self-supporting community.

What we would like to do next is build on this, starting with pooling together materials that already exist within the group that can be used to get started and then work out what resources we need.

To do this efficiently we ask you to complete the form below. We will also create a Telegram group of professionals involved in this project, but we will need volunteers to be administrators and moderators.

Once we have our group, everyone will be invited to join and contribute your ideas and materials to flesh out a blueprint so that we can get started.

Please complete the below form so that we can capture the data we need to commence.

Once again, we thank you for your interest and your passion and we look forward to collaborating and creating together.

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