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For the duration of the pandemic, as a group of workers, we have been subjected to rigorous covid-safe protocols, which we have overwhelmingly complied with even when it has meant significant periods of time in isolation from our families. And during this time, our industries have been a critical force in keeping this country going economically.

Being able to provide for ourselves and our families, and continue to work, should not depend on our informed decision around taking the covid-19 vaccines, yet we are now being threatened with the loss of our jobs.

The option to choose has been stripped from us, our basic human rights removed, because we choose not to submit ourselves to a medical intervention that is still in clinical trials until 2023. This global trial uses novel technologies never before tested in humans, where no medium or long-term safety and efficacy information has had time to be ascertained. The only information the pharmaceutical companies themselves are confirming is that this new technology does not stop transmission of the virus.

The Chief Health Officers and governments enforcing these directives, are making a grave mistake by mandating these vaccines as there are known adverse reactions, some of which are serious, including death. Not only is it morally and ethically wrong, it will cause significant disruption to mining, construction and trade services across the country, as many will simply not submit. 

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Advocate Me and Human Rights Advocates Australia rely on the contributions of many volunteers and individuals who are making a stand because we believe it is the right thing to do.


Both organisations have merged their efforts with the sole purpose of providing a strong platform for the community, strong advocacy services, administrative services to other organisations and law firms, and running campaigns for the community.

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Our Statement of Position

Read our Statement of Position written on behalf of many WA Mining, Construction and Trades workers. Plus, our Statement of Position to BHP can be read here.

follow-up letter to employers outlines how mandates are contradicted in law, presents vaccine efficacy facts and safety truths and shares how the government has left them vulnerable to liability when workers are injured.


The letter includes a call to action inviting them to press these important and reasonable issues with the government, to have these questions of law and liability answered. To assist them in doing this, we provided an extensive template letter.

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Union Position Statements

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