We are National Education United, an Australian-wide collective of teachers, parents, child care workers, support staff, and executives who say NO to mandatory vaccination.


Our growing popularity stems from legitimate health concerns we have regarding the covid-19 vaccinations, due to limited safety and efficacy data, and the significant and growing number of vaccine related injuries and deaths, as reported by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.


The government should never interfere with the sacred doctor-patient relationship. We are entitled to informed consent and conscientious objection, without coercion and the threat of losing our jobs.


This group consists of many thousands of education staff and parents, being a significant portion of the workforce, and we have taken matters into our hands to improve our chance of being heard.

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Advocate Me and Human Rights Advocates Australia rely on the contributions of many volunteers and individuals who are making a stand because we believe it is the right thing to do.


Both organisations have merged their efforts together with the sole purpose of providing a strong platform for the community in providing strong advocacy services, administrative services to other organisations and law firms, and running campaigns for the community.

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STEP 2. Prepare your declination form

Download and complete one of the two covid-19 vaccination declination templates to give to your employer. DO NOT RESIGN! 


Use the template you are most comfortable with, or if you prefer, use a blend of both to create a custom letter which suits your circumstances and personality.

Template 1

Template 2

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Our Joint Statements

Advocate Me and Human Rights Advocates have issued letters to the Victorian government and the New South Wales government, regarding our position on forced vaccination, requesting the directives be repealed. Please click the links to download, read and share.

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