Sharing the Love

When people are well informed, they will generally make the best decisions for themselves and their families. Unfortunately the best quality information is not promoted in the mainstream channels, so we have gone to extreme lengths to collate and share everything that is of importance around vaccine safety and human rights on the websites of our associates. 

Below you can download the QR Codes for each organisation. When talking to someone that you would like to connect with us, flash this QR Code sheet so they can quickly and easily scan and gain access to the sites.

Business Risk Register

Before any business makes a decision on making the covid-19 vaccine mandatory for its workers, it is critical that a risk/benefit assessment be made to compare the business risks, should an employee spread covid in the workplace, with injury occurring after vaccination. 

We have provided a detailed risk assessment register available for download here, which will provide good insight into the risks for employees and employers. 

Delta Research Papers

The Delta strain of covid-19 is wreaking havoc and causing much fear and trauma across the world. Much has been written about the increased likelihood that mass vaccination would cause escape variants, so it is important to understand more about this process including viral shedding.

We recommend visiting and becoming a member of People for Safe Vaccines, for a wealth of information around these vaccines.