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On October 26, 2020, Senior Constable Alex Cooney sent an open letter to the NSW Police Commissioner raising concerns about how the police force were being used during the State of Emergency period, and questioning the proportionality of the response to the threat of COVID-19. In it he challenged the current mainstream narrative, using well-researched references and called for an investigation.

Alex called out to other members of the police to show their solidarity and join him in his quest and the support was overwhelming, with hundreds of thousands visiting the site, downloading and circulating his letter and tens of thousands signing his form to show their support; including hundreds of police and members of our military.

In response, the NSW Police placed Alex on leave with a gag order, subject to the outcome of an investigation. However, the investigation was of Alex, not the critical issues he sought to be investigated. Alex is one of the few officers who served more than 10 years without a single complaint, so it goes without saying that their investigation into him and his conduct as an officer on the force was fruitless.

Now almost a year later, after serving as an officer for more than 12 years, Alex has resigned from the police force that he loved, due to legal, moral and ethical concerns about how the police are being directed and utilised during the covid-19 pandemic. This has allowed Alex to speak publicly for the first time.

If you are a police officer and have doubts or are concerned about the role you are being asked to play, you are not alone. Visit Cops For Covid Truth to see Alex's call to action and learn what steps you can take.

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