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Not-for-profit business alliance, champions medical privacy

and rebuilding Aussies small businesses

Keeping it FAIR for business owners


If 18 months of Covid-19 business lockdowns weren't hard enough, Australian small business owners are now facing another crushing blow; government introduced vaccine passports, plus possible fines for non-compliance. Turning away paying customers when you've been disrupted for 18 months? That's hardly fair! FAIR Business Australia's not-for-profit business alliance is helping small business owners stay afloat, by partnering them with like-minded customers, who value medical privacy!

Strong dollar. Strong local community.

Why shop with foreign giants, when you can shop within your community and keep your dollar local! FAIR Business Australia's business directory encourages local shopping with local small businesses. Customers can search via products, services or their local postcode. No matter your colour, race, creed or vaccine status, you're welcome, locally! FAIR Business Australia promotes a friendly and supportive community spirit through the directory whilst showcasing consumer stories and feel good shopping moments via social media and a podcast. Choose community over foreign convenience!

Advancing Australia FAIR, their long term vision.

All profit from FAIR Business Australia's business directory is placed into a community purse. As Covid eases, our vision is to rebuild Australia's local, small business infrastructure using the community generated funds. Businesses and shoppers will be able to vote on proposed projects, ensuring community support and ownership every step of the way as we use our local dollars wisely. Together, we're stronger, wiser and will Advance Australia FAIRLY!

Australians Say No are delighted to get behind this amazing initiative and we encourage you to also. More businesses getting onboard, provides a more comprehensive experience so that consumers can make this a real Aussie success.