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The aviation industry has suffered greatly under covid-19 restrictions, with international and state border closures resulting in significant losses, including jobs.

The implementation of forced vaccinations, has coerced many, against their better judgement, to allow a medical intervention which is against their better judgment.

Being able to provide for ourselves and our families, and continue to work, should not depend on our informed decision around taking the covid-19 vaccines.

Regardless of how long we have served in our professions, now we are being threatened with the loss of our jobs.

The option to choose has been stripped from us, and our basic human rights removed, because we choose not to submit ourselves to a medical intervention that is still in clinical trials until 2023. This intervention uses novel technologies never before tested in humans, where no medium or long-term safety and efficacy data exists as there has been no time allowed to ascertain it. And as the manufacturers admit themselves, their products do not stop transmission of the virus.

The Chief Health Officers and governments enforcing these directives, are making a grave mistake by mandating these vaccines as there are known adverse reactions, some of which are serious, including death.


Those who fly frequently are considered high risk for thrombotic illness which can lead to death.

Not only is it morally and ethically reprehensible, it will cause significant disruption to flying services across the country, as many will simply not submit. 

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